Publisher’s Foreword

The subject of this little booklet is a thrilling one, focussing our thoughts upon the coming of Christ and providing us with a vision of future things as we are guided through the prophetic word by the author. It will be found that the conclusions arrived at not only reflect a deep understanding of the word of God, but are logical in concept. The coming of Christ with the saints to Jerusalem (Zech. 14;3-5) is seen in a realistic and practical setting—one that is satisfying and encouraging to us. The conclusions are—in the main—a reflection of what Christadelphians have believed about Christ's coming since the time of Bro. John Thomas.

The booklet was originally written in 1970 against a background of considerable controversy in England over the understanding of prophecy. This arose as “new” views were being introduced—“new” that is, to Christadelphians; for they had been circulating in other churches over a long time, whereas the Christadelphian understanding was unique.

Over twenty years have passed and many will now be able to give fresh consideration to these things without the “heat” of controversy (and to some extent the influence of personalities) clouding the issues. The ‘reasoning out of the scriptures’ can be considered calmly and on its own merit.

The gradual and cautious movement toward some kind of Middle-East peace agreement between Israel and her Arab neighbours; some very early signs of more prosperous times ahead for Israel herself, are current developments which would tend to confirm some of Bro. Pearce’s conclusions. They also indicate that Christ’s coming could be very near. The author has given us sound reasons in this booklet as to why we do not have to await the great northern invasion of Ezekiel 38 before Christ actually returns to the earth; Christ’s coming to the household of believers could be imminent.

If we seriously desire to be accepted by Christ and participate in the wonderful work outlined in the following pages then we must be spiritually alert, making the Truth and our service to Christ the priority in our lives. We must learn to place the cares and anxieties of this present world on one side—no matter how pressing they may seem—so that we can devote ourselves to Christ’s business. The opportunity to serve our Lord will soon be gone; we are wise to trim our lamps now, before it is too late.

May this second edition of The Way to Jerusalem stir our hearts, that we may be strengthened in our faith and service.


Paul Billington.

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