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"He hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness" Psalm 96:13; Acts 17:13

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1. Judgment to Come - Paul Billington
2. Book Review: Remember Lot's Wife, Discovering the City of Sodom by Steven Collins
3. "And Lot sat in the Gate of Sodom" - Leen Ritmeyer
4. Israel: From Judgment to Glory - Ron Kidd
5. Accountability to Judgment - Graham Pearce
6. The Devastating Power of the Almighty
7. The Assyrian Army in Israel - Ken Loveridge
8. World Events Under Divine Control - Paul Billington
9. Interview with Daniel Luria in Jerusalem - Paul Billington
10. Extract: Discovering Jerusalem (Archaeology)
11. Is The New Testament Antisemitic?  - David Billington
12. Remember the Law of Moses - Paul Billington

Russia's Challenge To Europe - The Crisis is not over

The crisis is not over as Russia moves to gradually take up the position determined by the prophets.

This week there has been more movements in the Crisis between Russia and Europe, over the disputed areas of Eastern Ukraine. The crisis is not over as Russia moves to gradually take up the position, that the God of Israel has determined her to be in before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is Matt Davies joining you.



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