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2012-12-22 Germany's Fourth Reich in Bible Prophecy
2013-12-28 The Origins of the Mass of Christ & the Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy
2013-12-21 ďUnpredicted OutcomesĒ of the Arab Spring
2013-12-14 Even Israel's Kibbutzim are Becoming Religious
2013-12-08 The Canadian Israeli Friendship
2013-11-28 The Geneva Accord Leaves Israel out on a Limb
2013-11-23 An Israeli Alliance with Sheba and Dedan?
2013-11-16 Russia in the Middle East: Return of the Bear.
2013-11-09 Russia Moving in...
2013-11-02 Cyprus & Russia in latter day Bible prophecy
2013-10-26 A Special Sabbath in Hebron
2013-10-19 Birth Rates & New Home Numbers Up in Israel - Sign of God's Hand
2013-10-11 America's Withdrawal Pulls Middle Eastern Countries Together
2013-10-05 Events Worldwide Witness to the Truth
2013-09-21 The Vatican against Israel
2013-09-14 Russia & US agree on Chemical Weapons Resolution
2013-09-08 The USA, Russia and the Vatican involved in a Middle East War
2013-09-01 "Disappearing Palestine" Bus Ads in Vancouver
2013-08-20 The Arab Spring and Democracy
2013-08-09 Drone Attacks in Sheba
2013-08-02 Them that dwell safely...
2013-07-20 Europe VS The Mountains of Israel
2013-07-13 The Burden of Egypt!
2013-07-06 Dramatic turn as Egypt's Muslim Government is Removed from Power
2013-06-28 Operation Eager Lion
2013-06-22 Israel's spoil - reserved for the Northern Invader
2013-06-08 Will Conflict Bring Peace?
2013-06-01 Unrest in the North
2013-05-25 Conflict in Syria - preparing the way for the King of the North
2013-05-18 Israel: A Mixed & Confused Nation:
2013-05-04 The Church of Scotland turns against the return of the Jews and Zionism
2013-04-26 When God Puts and End to an Age
2013-04-20 Israel's 65th Anniversary a Testimony to the Hand of God at Work
2013-04-12 The Papal influence over "the kings of the earth and of the whole world"
2013-04-06 Criticism of Israel and Anti-Semitism
2013-03-29 A World in Turmoil:
2013-03-23 Cyprus- Drawing Russia Down
2013-03-16 A new pope had been elected to lead the worldís 1.2 billion Catholics
2013-03-07 The True Significance of the Passover
2013-03-02 A Scathing EU Report calls for Sanctions on Israel over the Issue of East Jerusalem and the Settlements
2013-02-22 Was Peter the first Pope?
2013-02-16 The Day "God" Resigned
2013-02-09 The Vatican and the Jewish State
2013-02-02 Anti-Semitism and Armageddon
2013-01-26 Preparing the Way in Israel Today:
2013-01-18 Britain to rethink its relationship with Europe
2013-01-12 Showers of Blessing Upon Israel while the Nations Decay
2013-01-05 Watching the Bible in the News in 2012

2011-12-29 The Iranian Nuclear Red Line
2011-12-24 The Year of the Protester
2011-12-15 Britain on the Way out of Europe
2011-12-08 Europe in Crisis
2011-12-02 Germany Binds Europe Up in Economic Knots
2011-11-25 "Eurogeddon Approaches":
2011-11-13 The changing face of the Middle East and Coming of the Messiah
2011-11-05 A World United Against Israel
2011-10-29 The Vatican calls for the establishment of a Global Authority
2011-10-22 Arab Spring or Arab Winter
2011-10-14 Iranian Assassination Plot Divides Middle East Along Prophetic Lines
2011-10-08 Putin's Vision: A "Eurasian Union,"
2011-10-01 The Leadership of Europe
2011-09-23 Britain Must Get Out of Europe
2011-09-17 Will there be a Palestinian State?
2011-09-10 Turkey and Israel in Bible Prophecy
2011-09-03 Germany Gaining Control of Europe:
2011-08-27 Is Today's News Propaganda?
2011-08-19 Mideast Turmoil Prepares the Scene for the King of Israel
2011-08-13 The Fire from Within
2011-08-06 Upon the Earth Distress of Nations
2011-07-23 Archaeology & The Hope of Israel:
2011-07-16 The Mountains of Israel & The Apocalyptic Armageddon.
2011-07-08 The Revival of the Hebrew Language
2011-07-01 A Two Faced Germany
2011-06-24 Britain to Get Out of Europe
2011-06-19 The Greek Crisis and the Future of Europe
2011-06-10 Russia Rebuilding Its Military on Oil Profits
2011-06-04 Catholic Pope Grants PLO Leader Abbas another Audience
2011-05-28 The King James Version and the Revival of Israel
2011-05-23 Obama Calls for Israel to Withdrawal to the 67 Borders
2011-05-14 With Osama bin Laden gone, what will Democracy Bring to the Middle East?
2011-05-07 The Significance of 9-11
2011-04-29 The Protestant Throne of England:
2011-04-23 A Royal Wedding...
2011-04-16 Preparing the Way of the Lord!
2011-04-07 The Man of Sin: Alive, Well and Living in Rome
2011-04-02 Creationism in a Godless World
2011-03-26 The World in Upheaval
2011-03-18 Earthquakes Political and Physical
2011-03-12 Anti Semitism & Israel Apartheid Week 2011
2011-03-04 Russia and Germany Emerge as Great Powers
2011-02-25 The English Bible Ahead of The News!
2011-02-18 Political Earthquakes in the Middle East:
2011-02-11 1611 - 2011 The Amazing English Bible Exhibition:
2011-02-04 Egyptian riots point forward to the smiting and healing of Egypt
2011-01-29 2011 - A Year of Arab Revolutions?
2011-01-20 Russia, Israel & The West Bank:
2011-01-14 Europe at an Historic Turning Point
2011-01-07 The Bible in the News!
2011-01-01 Upon the Mountains of Israel - the people of Israel re-inhabit the land promised to their fathers

2010-12-25 The Kingdom of God - Israel or the Church?
2010-12-18 Another Lebanon War on the Horizon?
2010-12-11 The Nations Lining Up... As God Said
2010-12-03 The Rising European Empire
2010-11-27 Israel Attacks Iran's Nuclear Sites
2010-11-20 The "Authorized" Bible
2010-11-13 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Targets the New Anti-Semitism
2010-11-02 Prophecy Day MP3 Recordings 2010
2010-10-29 Germany Leads the Beast's Ascension
2010-10-16 Israel's Settlement Plans Unveiled
2010-10-08 India's Phenomenal Economic Growth
2010-10-02 Mediterranean Traders in Britain 3,500 Years Ago...
2010-09-24 Europeís Reviving Racism Ė A Sign of Godís Pending Intervention
2010-09-17 The Developing North South Split in the Arab World
2010-09-11 Do Israelis Care About Peace?
2010-08-27 Russia turns up the Heat on the the World Stove
2010-08-13 Beware of Antichrists!
2010-07-23 The King of the South in the Latter Days
2010-07-17 The End of Democracy: Another Futile Election...
2010-07-02 Come and See!
2010-06-18 Britain, Europe and The Economic Crisis
2010-06-11 Did Satan Make Them Do It?
2010-06-03 Israel Stands Alone.
2010-05-29 Perpetual Hatred Of Israel
2010-05-21 Mankind Challenges The Great Creator
2010-05-14 Russia and Turkey... Common Vision?
2010-05-07 Britain's Muddled Election Result:
2010-04-30 Europe's Debt Crisis Spins out of Control
2010-04-23 Ukraine: Back in the Company of Gog
2010-04-16 A cloud to cover the land!
2010-04-09 The Roman Church Exposed:
2010-04-02 Next Year in Jerusalem, The Rebuilt
2010-03-26 Universal Health Care
2010-03-19 The Land of Milk and Honey
2010-03-12 The war for the Mountains of Israel has Already Started
2010-03-05 Israel Apartheid Week Pokes Almighty God in the Eye
2010-02-26 Our Day in Violent Hebron:
2010-02-19 At The Jerusalem Conference:
2010-02-12 Uncovering the Truth in Jerusalem:
2010-02-05 The Key to World Peace
2010-01-28 Holocaust Remembrance Day
2010-01-23 Haitian Earthquake - A Warning of What Is To Come
2010-01-15 Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel and Focus on East Jerusalem
2010-01-01 Piracy and Prophecy

2009-12-24 The Real Hallelujah Chorus:
2009-12-18 Copenhagen: An Inconvenient Truth
2009-12-11 Let's face the facts, Israel is a semi-theocracy.
2009-12-04 United Europe Speaks: Jerusalem to be Divided
2009-11-27 The Great Catholic Cover-up: Secret Archives of horror.
2009-11-20 Catholic Europe Names First President
2009-11-13 The Fall of the Berlin Wall - Clearing the Way for the Uniting of Europe
2009-11-06 Bonfires and Ecumenism!
2009-10-30 Gathering the Nations Against Israel:
2009-10-23 Archaeology & The Hope of Israel:
2009-10-09 A new Prince of Peace?
2009-10-02 The Nations of the World are Called to Account
2009-09-25 Obama tells the world "The U.S. can't fix it all alone"
2009-09-18 Iran, Europe, and the Retreat of the U.S.
2009-09-11 The Long Term Repercussions of September the 11th
2009-09-03 The Ongoing Struggle for the Holy Land:
2009-08-28 Ukraine - A Battle Ground for European Domination
2009-08-21 False Christendom & The Jews:
2009-08-13 God's Own Heart on the Settlements
2009-08-07 Obama! Let my people grow.
2009-07-31 Iran in Turmoil
2009-07-23 The Decline & Fall of Western Civilization:
2009-07-17 Aliyah, Pipelines and the Return of Christ
2009-07-10 Russia & Pope Call for New World Economic Order
2009-07-02 War Between Iran & Israel?
2009-06-26 Russian Moves
2009-06-19 A Special Prayer Rally is Planned for this Sunday in Jerusalem
2009-06-12 Anti-Semitic Attack in America's Capital
2009-06-04 Obama tours the Middle East
2009-05-29 Against The Daughter of Zion
2009-05-21 Jerusalem Day & The Coming Redemption
2009-05-14 The Head of the Roman Church visits the Jewish State of Israel
2009-05-08 Emanations from the False Prophet
2009-04-30 Flu, Fear & Faith
2009-04-23 The UN Racism Conference
2009-04-17 The Americans Push for an Arab State in the Heartland of Israel
2009-04-10 President Obama Helps Set the Table for Armageddon
2009-04-03 Egypt - A Base Kingdom
2009-03-27 The Challenge of Militant Islam
2009-03-20 Fool's Heart
2009-03-12 An Interview with Honest Reporting and Teach Kids Peace
2009-03-06 Russia Positions Itself To Guard Europe
2009-02-26 The Economy - Holding on for Dear Life
2009-02-20 The New Israeli Government and Rising Antisemitism
2009-02-13 A New Government for Israel...
2009-02-06 Unholy Democracy in Israel:
2009-01-30 At The Jerusalem Conference:
2009-01-23 Obama - not anyone's Messiah
2009-01-15 United Nations Against "My People Israel"
2009-01-07 A Review of Prophecy Fulfilling in 2008
2009-01-01 Gaza in Bible Prophecy

2008-12-26 The End of Papal Power-- When?
2008-12-19 A Letter From the West Bank & Our Reply
2008-12-12 The Two State Solution, the Churches and Bible Prophecy
2008-12-04 Religious Persecution in the City of Abraham.
2008-11-28 The World Is Not Flat
2008-11-20 Esau's Progeny
2008-11-13 Britain on The Way Out of the European Union?
2008-11-06 The Developing Clash
2008-10-30 America Attacks Syria
2008-10-24 Media Incitement Against the Jewish Settlers
2008-10-16 Prepare war, wake up the mighty men...
2008-10-09 World on the Edge
2008-10-03 The Jewish Population of Judea and Samaria Shows Significant Growth.
2008-09-26 The banking system in America on the brink of collapse.
2008-09-18 Sarkozy Invites the Papacy Back into French Society
2008-09-11 Europe Wobbles as it Pretends to Stand up to Russia
2008-09-05 Rumours of War
2008-08-29 A Tense Situation in the Black Sea as Russia Flexes Its Mid-East Muscle
2008-08-21 The Movements of Russia Predicted in The Bible!
2008-08-13 Russia Invades Georgia
2008-08-07 The Mountains of Israel & The Apocalyptic Armageddon.
2008-07-30 Israel's Prime Minister Resigns
2008-07-23 Britain's Relationship with Israel
2008-07-18 Iranian proxy Hezbollah Exchanges Prisoners with Israel
2008-07-11 The Judgement & Destiny of Nations!
2008-07-04 Bulldozing Peace in Israel
2008-06-26 A World Gone Mad!
2008-06-19 Ireland Votes NO to EU Treaty - What does the BIble Say?
2008-06-11 High Prices at the Pumps Push the Nations into the Middle East
2008-06-06 The Future President of the United States
2008-05-29 The "Red" Planet
2008-05-21 Israel Negotiates Peace with the Syrians
2008-05-08 Israel Celebrates its 60th Anniversary While Russia Changes Presidents
2008-05-01 Remembering the Holocaust
2008-04-24 "... And Libya With Them"
2008-04-18 The Pope in the USA
2008-04-10 Palestinian Terror Attacks Continue...
2008-04-03 Global Changes May be in the Wind But the Final Outcome is Certain
2008-03-28 Britain's Hatred of Zionism:
2008-03-20 Russia Prepares for Middle East Conference:
2008-03-13 Building the Cities of Judah in the Face of World Opposition
2008-03-06 Jerusalem & the West Bank: What Does the Future Hold?
2008-02-28 Russia Flexes its Military Muscle.
2008-02-21 Jerusalem a Burdensome Stone
2008-02-14 As it was in the days of Noah.
2008-02-07 The Bible in the News Visits Hebron for a Live Interview
2008-01-31 Jerusalem Covered With Snow:
2008-01-24 Financial Crisis Plays into Russia's Hands
2008-01-17 First Temple Seal Found in Jerusalem!
2008-01-11 President Bush Visits Israel
2008-01-02 Blessed is he that Watcheth!

2007-12-28 Britain is Prepared to Exit Europe
2007-12-20 Putin: Person of the Year
2007-12-05 The Rise of Autocratic Russia!
2007-11-28 Annapolis, the United States, & the Bible
2007-11-21 Russia & the Nations Prepare to Crush Zionism
2007-11-14 The Growing Crisis Over Jerusalem
2007-11-07 "Peace, peace; when there is no peace..."
2007-11-01 The 90th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration
2007-10-25 The Rabin Assassination and the Road to Peace
2007-10-17 Bush talks of WWIII while Putin Guards Iran
2007-10-10 Europes Rising Economic Power
2007-10-04 The Bear Awakens
2007-09-27 Why would anyone be in favour of a Palestinian state?
2007-09-20 Preparing the Way of the Lord!
2007-09-13 Israel's Situation in the Middle East Assessed as we bring in the Jewish New Year.
2007-09-06 The Old Serpent, The Devil Arises
2007-08-30 Good News for Israel & the Gentiles!
2007-08-22 Russia - Turned Back & Brought Forth.
2007-08-16 Israeli Politics and Messianic Ideals
2007-08-08 While Israel Struggles Over the West Bank, Russia Prepares!
2007-08-01 Time for Israel to Wake Up!
2007-07-25 A Future for Israel?
2007-07-19 "By thy Sorceries Were all Nations Deceived"!
2007-07-11 Discovering that the Bible is True After All!
2007-07-05 Israel Turns To God In Prayer
2007-06-28 Every Man's Hand against His Brother and Vatican Puppet in the Middle East
2007-06-21 War with Syria in the Summer?
2007-06-13 Gaza Up in Smoke!
2007-06-07 Jerusalem & the West Bank in Israeli Hands
2007-05-30 Israel in Unbelief
2007-05-23 The Meaning Behind the Middle East Madness
2007-05-16 The Reunification of Jerusalem & Dividing the Land
2007-05-09 Grave of Herod the Great Murderer Found
2007-05-04 Israel's Leadership Crisis
2007-04-26 A Bear at the Throat
2007-04-18 Russia, The Vatican & Israel
2007-04-11 Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Judah
2007-04-04 British Captives Return Home from Iran.
2007-03-29 The Dispute Between Britain and Iran Escalates
2007-03-21 Russia Rearms Herself and Her Allies
2007-03-15 A Russian Vatican Partership?
2007-03-08 German Bishops Compare Ramallah to the Warsaw Ghetto
2007-03-01 The Lost Tomb of Jesus. Has it been found?
2007-02-21 Anglican Church Ready to Return to Rome!
2007-02-14 Russia's Putin set to Penetrate the Middle East
2007-02-07 Time Up For Planet Earth?
2007-01-31 Will The U.S. Attack Iran?
2007-01-24 The Relationship Between Russia and Iran.
2007-01-18 Iran & its Friends continue to Spurn the Power of The U.S.
2007-01-12 The Mountains of Israel Populated while Gog Prepares for Herself
2007-01-04 The Debate Over the Execution of Saddam Hussein

2006-12-28 2006 In Retrospect
2006-12-20 The Gathering Tempest.
2006-12-13 Yad Vashem Takes on Tehran Holocaust Deniers
2006-12-06 Israel: Another War Inevitable!
2006-11-30 Benedict XVI Visits Turkey in Bid to revive Roman Christendom
2006-11-23 Young Jews Pray for Redemption & for The Building of The Temple
2006-11-16 The Bible Banned from Temple Mount in Jerusalem!
2006-11-08 Jerusalem Today: Full of Abominations & Wickedness...
2006-11-01 Israelís Enemies Encircle her & Move into Position...
2006-10-25 Putin: 'Master of All Germany'
2006-10-19 Israeli P.M. Visits Putin in Russia amid growing Fears of Conflict
2006-10-12 Fuel For a Future Lake of Fire?
2006-10-06 The Revival of the Hebrew Language
2006-09-28 Benedict Demands Respect from Muslims
2006-09-20 Competing for Religious Authority & Control
2006-09-14 The Last Crusade?
2006-09-07 Israel Heads For Disaster...
2006-08-31 Germany & The Resurrection of the European Beast
2006-08-24 Lebanon War Uncovers Islamic Divisions
2006-08-17 As War Ends - War Threatens!
2006-08-09 Israelís Leaders in Trouble
2006-08-04 Britain's Tony Blair Confronts Islamic Extremism
2006-07-26 Looking for a Solution in Rome
2006-07-19 Israel has gone from Destroying Outposts to a War in Lebanon
2006-07-12 The Spreading War on Terror
2006-07-05 Israel's Trade with India. What does the Bible say?
2006-06-28 Israel Forces Move into Gaza
2006-06-22 Israelís Prosperity: A Sign of Christís Return
2006-06-14 Time to Impose Peace?
2006-06-08 The Mountains of Israel, the Focus of the Conflict
2006-06-01 An Interview with Shlomo Wollins, the Editor of Israel Reporter
2006-05-25 Instead of Visiting Washington, Ehud Olmert Should be Reading his Bible.
2006-05-18 The Building of the Image-empire and its Antagonism to Israel
2006-05-11 Jews are Expelled from their Home in Hebron
2006-05-03 A New and Ideologically Different Italian Prime Minister is Coming on the Scene
2006-04-26 The Ingathering of the Exiles is Still Happening Today!
2006-04-19 Jerusalem... The Key to Peace. What is needed to turn this key?
2006-04-12 Controlling The Powerful Media
2006-04-05 A New Government For Israel Emerging After Elections
2006-03-29 Israel's Election Looks to a Unilateral Move for Fixed Borders
2006-03-23 Direct From The Jerusalem Conference
2006-03-15 As Israel Storms Jericho, the U.S. & Britain Blamed
2006-03-08 Hamas Sanctified by the Russian "Gog"
2006-03-02 Iraq: Heading for a Civil War that Could Spread?
2006-02-23 The Democratic Alliance Against Israel
2006-02-15 Hamas, Israelís Election, & Peace Prospects
2006-02-08 Iran and The West on the Path to War
2006-02-02 As Palestinians Vote for Terror, Israelís Army Attack Zionists
2006-01-26 Pope: Vatican Mission is to Influence Leaders
2006-01-18 Religious Persecution and the Israeli Settlers
2006-01-14 Russia Will Overpower Europe Says Prophecy
2006-01-11 Israelís Future Changed at A Stroke!

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